Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Playlist Needs a Face Lift Pt. 2

So I have asked a few people and have come across some more songs that need to be 'nipped and tucked' (away) from my playlist. Please note that 'Current' and 'Re-Current' songs cannot be eliminated, such songs are naturally eliminated through time. This elimination process pertains specifically to The Classics, the foundation of my DJ Sets. These songs are apart of my 'special formula', These songs are apart of the 'meat and potatoes' of my DJ sets, they are always totally unpredictable and the very selections that make people go 'oh sh--' I wasn't expecting that. The only problem is, when those people come back to hear me I can't 'hit them over the head' with it again, as it won't have the same unique affect.

NightShift by The Commodores
( I don't how this happened, a year ago I played it as an 'opener' it's a great song to warm up the room, but it's been in rotation too much lately)

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, (dropping this song after a song like 99 problems on to a hot and responsive they go crazy!!!)

It's Tricky RUN DMC, ever since pop went retro with 80s rap, a song like it's tricky mixes well with artists like Black Eye Peas, Gwen, Nelly etc. (though this one should not be as hard to replace)

Oh, a friend of mine suggested that I shouldn't play as much Stevie Wonder as I do, since I have always played a lot of Stevie and just like I explained to this particular friend (who I do love and adore btw).


Besides, I always open and close my sets with Stevie, and if the crowd is cool enough, I might drop him during peak hours, but I will NEVER lay off of Stevie.