Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lip Remedy

Last month I posted a story regarding my wonderful experience with Kiehl's hand lotion, as it has done wonders for my dry skin this time of year, and it is still keeping my hands nice and smooth even in midst of this bitter cold.

I also made another great discovery in lip balm. Chapped lips is also something I suffer from this time of year, and I have tried everything from the pricey sugar exfoliating balm that just rips my lips apart (which I know is the point, but it really doesn't work for me) to Vaseline and all types of blistex, aveeno etc and yet my lips would still get really chapped at least once every couple of days.

My latest and most successful attempt (thus far) to continuously having smooth lips would be a combination of Nivea lip balm and Stilla Lip Gloss.

I have read and have learned that quality lipstick or lipgloss helps with maintaining the texture of the skin on our lips. So, I continually apply Nivea A Kiss of Moisture lip care, and then over the lip balm I apply Stilla's banana lip glaze (about 3-6 Xs a day, and banana is just the shade). It has been well over a week and the weather has been as cold as ever, and my lips have been continuously smooth, shiny and scrumptious. Therefore, I highly recommend this little regime.