Monday, January 18, 2010

Fixing My 'Musical Karma'

I will never forget the day I first discovered how easy it was to download (free) music from the web. I was in awe of it all and I went through a series of emotions from bliss to content to fear and then to guilt. I felt like a petty thief and since I knew I could get away with it, why would I stop? I mean if there was a way for me to eat an unlimited amount of chocolate and peanut butter with out gaining an ounce, I would do it. But back to the topic, unlike most people, the music I collect is not just about a collection. These MP3s are the foundation of my trade. My music collection is the source of my income. 'Stealing' music was not a matter that could be taken lightly. Almost like an addict who needs to hit 'rock bottom' before changing, I needed a disaster or an intervention. In my own way I was hoping for some catastrophic occurrence that would prevent me from illegally downloading another song again.

Well, there was no need to be so dramatic. Fortunately I just came to my senses. I came across a series of small issues that started to progress over the years and eventually affected the quality of my work. For starters, some songs were completely distorted and sounded horrible on a massive sound system. In some cases the song would be custom edited and or would have some stupid DJ shouting himself out. It would be humiliating, I would be in midst of a good strong DJ set and working up a hot dancefloor, and all of a sudden in the middle of a hot new track you'd hear "Yo Yo, This is DJ Donut bringing it to you, going hard, ya heard? DJ DONUT!!!2009 Yo!" and everyone would just stop and look up at me. Hmmm

So finally I realized the only way to really insure the quality of the music I play and to provide an outstanding service as a DJ and music consultant, was to just buy my music. In addition to appreciating the quality which I clearly took for granted for several years, I am also bringing in good karma, and supporting the music and artists that I cherish and love. It's a Win, Win, Win:)