Friday, January 8, 2010

Chai Tea with Peter Oasis

Today was what I would usually describe as an 'Erika Day'. I only get one or two 'Erika' days a month, where I become completely selfish and only do exactly what I want to do. Today that was shopping. I went down to Soho and picked up a couple of very cute little outfits. Before I jumped onto the subway I stopped into to Starbucks on Spring street to get my ritualistic fix of chai tea. I put my bags down and sat down for a moment when I ran into an old friend, Peter Oasis.

When I first met Peter I was still in college enjoying one of my beloved summers in the city as a teen (or maybe in my early 20s). At that time, Peter who is around the same age as me, already had this city wrapped around his finger. He had produced numerous events and some of the most notable hip-hop shows in NYC history. These shows included A Tribe Called Quest's 'last show' at Tramps, and I could be wrong but do believe he also produced an Eminem show at Tramps before Eminem was really EMINEM.

It had been yeeeaaaars since I had seen Peter, who hadn't aged a day. We reminisced about the late 90s, yes it was a looong time ago, but considering the collasal shift in the economy it really seems like a lifetime ago. I was thrilled to know that Peter is still 'holding it down', and still producing big time shows. Running into him inspired me to write about him. Everyone already knows him, but after seeing him, I realized that he is a real pioneer and cornerstone of nyc night life and nyc hip-hop performance and it was nice having my Chai Tea, while talking to a legend.