Saturday, November 28, 2009

Flicks from the DJ Booth.

On Facebook I started an album of candid shots I have taken from the DJ Booth. Here are some of my favorite ones from Tillman's Live.

Oh and I will be back at Tillman's Live for another fresh set with the Igmar Thomas Trio on Thursday December 10th 8-1am.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sonic Chocolate

The SupaFly Ladies Edition:

Sonic Chocolate: Just like the taste of chocolate, when listened to it gives you a tingly fuzzy feeling.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jay-Z and the 'art' of business

Over the last decade I have found myself in midst of several debates about Jay-Z. Currently I feel that he is one of the greatest artists of all time. I always felt that he was an incredible rapper, but over the past few years he has demonstrated a great deal of range in his work, along with some cross over risks. One of the main criticisms that I hear the most about Jay-Z, is his love for making money. Some feel that his keen sense of business has compromised his artistic integrity. Is it possible that Jay-Z speculated a NYC themed song would become synonymous with the success of the Yankees? (after all the song did debut as the Yankees were 'spanking' their way to the post season). Jay-z created an incredibly accessible, star powered anthem for one of the richest and most populated cities in the world. Is he simply a business man seeking all possible opportunities to make money?


is it possible that Jay-Z has mastered the combination of art and business down to an art form in itself.

The music industry has been a rapidly shifting and turbulent trade. As the record labels and distributors collapse the artists have been given the reigns to produce, release and promote their own music. Isn't it possible that an artist’s sense of business and creativity can integrate while the integrity of the artist stays in tact? . The 'music industry' as we know it, is dying if anything it's actually already dead. Understanding and mastering the business of music is a reality that all aspiring artists must learn to accept. Artists today must believe that the union of business and artistry is possible with out ‘selling out’and an artist like Jay-Z is a true pioneer of this fusion.

Unlike Madonna he is more talented and sincere about his work, unlike lil wayne he has been around longer and has more 'staying power' and unlike Diddy he is still recognized as a real artist. The bottom line is, Jay-Z has gracefully and ingeniously mastered the merger between the 'artist' and the 'business man' better than anyone else and in my opinion this only enhances his talent and makes him a stronger artist.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

DJ AM's legacy is still alive

After checking out my friend Carrie's blog Stylegroove, I came across this really cool post about DJ AM's sneaker collection. The late DJ had collected nearly 900 sneakers over the past decade, including rare and limited edition kicks (all in good condition).

The sneakers are being auctioned on EBAY from now until December 14th. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the DJ AM memorial fund. This fund is based on helping individuals who are struggling with addiction.

Check it out!

The Cure

As I nurse my seasonal fall/winter cold, I can't help but think of all of the common cold remedies. To be honest it seems everyone has their own personal cure. Get rest, well duh...but I recently read that too much sleep slows down your system and prevents your immune system from exercising (or something like that). I am sure there is some medical jargon that would describe it better. Eat well (again... duh) except when you eat too much while you are sick, your body works harder to digest the food instead of working towards making you feel better. Then there are all those homeopathic vitamins from echinacea, to golden seal, zinc, the saline in the nose thing and of course vitamin C.

Well, for some reason the only thing that makes me feel better when I am sick is chocolate. I know it makes no sense, and of course this is only when I have a cold, not a stomach flu. Something about the endorphins and rush I feel when eating a good piece of chocolate, just makes me feel better. Yes, chocolate always makes me feel better no matter what. The way I see it, the common cold needs to run it's course, you can take all the medicine and vitamins that you want but at the end of the day you just have to accept that you are sick for a couple of days to a week. The only thing you can focus on are the small things that will make you feel better in the moment. Well, when it comes to these situations, I truly believe that chocolate is the cure to everything;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tillman's Live

I will be back this Thursday November 12th spinning fresh and tasty DJ sets, in between the delectable live jazz sessions by The Igmar Thomas Trio.

A Very Sexy
Truly Funkalishuss Night...

Kitchen and Bar open all night long.
Tillman's 165 W.26th street
8pm till 1am
(between 6th and 7th avenue)

No Cover, No Door Drama, just bring good energy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sounds of November

From Rihanna's 'Rated R' thriving off the strength of her private yet highly publicized violent lover's quarrel, to Diddy digging up a few Biggie verses, and Lilly Allen's famous vulgarity sugar coated in a cutesy tune....

November is sounding pretty dark, dirty and passionately bitter: