Friday, September 25, 2009

Tillman's Live

Thursday Oct 1st
Igmar Thomas Trio

A Funkalishuss
DJ mix by
Erika Hamilton

These types of events are rare and have become quite scarce and hard to find.
Live music, Fresh DJs, A Sexy atmosphere, Beautiful people and beautiful energy.
Kitchen open all night long, serving tasty soul food to enjoy with your delicious cocktails.

No cover, no door drama....nothing but love within a comfortable and laid back environment.

I Heart NY

All it takes is a Yankee vs Red Sox game, and a crispy night in September to put me in the New York spirit. It doesn't hurt when the Yankees win, and a fresh single from Jay-Z all about New York in heavy rotation helps with the mood too. But the truth is, I'm always in the NY spirit, born and raised, I'm a New Yorker by blood.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sonic Chocolate

Sonic Chocolate: just like the taste of chocolate, it gives you a 'tingly' 'fuzzy' feeling and then once it is swallowed it just hits the spot.


Oh and this play list is not just about what's "new" it's really about what's "good" (old and new;)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Moment To Give Back

This Tuesday, I will be spinning a special event for Making Books Sing, a wonderful organization that provides creative enrichment programs for youth in New York. Much love to the event producers: Kim Wilson and Nadine Mitchell, both of whom I have been working with for many years. I will also be sharing the decks with some of NYCs hottest DJs. Click the flyer below to see the deets....hope to see you there;)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Autumn in New York

I do believe New York is the best place on earth to enjoy the fall season. Amongst many things, a nice drive up state when the leaves are changing colors, a hot latte on a bench in central park, sipping hot cider while listening to jazz, and the smell of home cooked meals are always better in the fall.

Of course some may argue that the entire east coast is beautiful this time of year but how many of those other east coast states have a song written about them (in autumn)?



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Style Rocks

As I have been posting the photos of different styles amongst rock stars, I realized that my idea of "style" goes beyond the threads and brands that people wear. Of course these postings were in light of Fashion Week, however I thought I would go further into my concept of style, and shed light onto a series of real class acts that speak louder than fashion.

For example Bono, who puts forth so much effort in taking responsibility for his voice in society. He co-founded product RED, a familiar and even chic brand that helps fund AIDS education in Africa . Product RED is only one of many of his accomplishments as an activist.

He isn't noticeably 'fashionable', he wears the same freaking sunglasses every where he goes, and to be honest I personally don't even like those sunglasses, but between his character, talent and compassion....Bono has more class and style than most of the pop/rock stars out there.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion Rocks

The following are some of the many reasons why Jay-Z has style: He is able to rock a hip-hop attitude while he is suited up as CEO / Entertainment Mogul. He has never written down any of his lyrics before going into the studio. He is not afraid to take risks in the name of good music hence his Linkin Park Collaboration and the "Grey Album" . Over the past 15 years he has evolved as an individual which is reflected in his lyrics. Most people didn't realize it, but he made a powerful statement when featured on Punjabi MCs "Beware of the Boys". He is not threatened by the fact that he is married to a women who is currently selling more records than he is. He was able to run Def Jam Records and still stay true to himself as an MC. I can keep going, but the bottom line is, Jay-z has got style.

Friday, September 11, 2009

On September 13th 2001

at around 1pm, I received a phone call from one of the owners of Suite 16. At the time Suite 16 was one of, if not the hottest club/lounge in NYC. We exchanged a few 9/11 formalities, which was of course a big part of the NYC social dynamic at the time. Are you OK? Where were you? Did anyone you know get hurt? etc.

He then explained that after being closed for two days, Suite 16 was going to be open that night. Up until the morning of Thursday 9/13, no civilians were permitted below 14th street. (Suite 16 was on 16th street). Of course during such a dismal time, the idea of having a party, just seemed 'wrong'. But as a club owner/promoter business would have to resume eventually. He then asked if I would like to DJ, but I was not the regular Thursday night DJ. He explained that after discussing it with his partners he felt that I would be the best candidate, because and his voice became softer "you have the ability to spin with emotion, which is rare" hmmmm I thought, then with out a further doubt I stated "Sure, I would love to."

I spent hours putting my records together, I had spun on Thursday nights (@Suite 16) before, and it was all about hot hot and new new music. I can do hot hot and new new, but I realize they called me because I can also go much deeper than that.

Nobody showed up until midnight, but eventually a small group of the city's most affluent and elite patrons arrived, with a strong sense of humility and compassion. About an hour later the club was half full, and everyone seemed to know each other, though it is likely most of them didn't or at least they use to pretend that they didn't. They eventually started dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves. Some of the music I played had a much stronger affect on the crowd then other songs, here is the highlights of my play list that night.

Fashion Rocks

Lady Ga Ga has a style at which if she was NOT a rock star, everyone would look at her and be like WTF!?!

Oh wait, she is a rock star and we do look at her like WTF? Well, wether you like it or not, she does have her own thing, and she definitely works it like a rock star, and apparently she has her own clothing line.....

MTV and 9/11.

On the days that followed September 11th 2001, I will never forget the videos that MTV rotated. It wasn't until the 13th or 14th that "normal" television resumed in NY. Most of us were glued to the television set watching the incidents unfold. I am sure TV/Radio producers all across the board had never dealt with such an extreme circumstance, especially in NYC.

One video that stuck out to me the most was Fabulous's Holla Back. Of course the song was a hit, but there were a lot of 'hits' that weren't being rotated as much as they were before 9/11. It seemed MTV was avoiding videos that were saturated with 'bling' or violence (for obvious reasons). They were leaning more towards the old-school, neo-soul, Common, Kanye, Kweli type stuff. Fabolous was not an artist that could be squeezed into that category. Perhaps it was the strong NYC theme, and coincidental red,white and blue undertones or maybe it was just the fact that Fabolous first album debuted on 9/11...hmm,

Fashion Rocks

In light of Fashion Week, I thought I'd share the fabulous styles of my favorite rock stars.

Starting with the one and only material diva:

Monday, September 7, 2009

I liked it better when....

Over the last 20 yrs, the average number of singles a pop artist released over the course of a year has tripled. I can't even keep track of what the new Beyonce or Lil Wayne single is....

No wonder "it" songs and artists come and go so fast. I liked it better when I would hear a new song from an artist I loved, after waiting a year or two for it to come out. I appreciated it more. Just like anything in excess, artists can loose their unique flavor. In many ways I believe the epitome of today's pop culture is a combination of ADHD and over indulgence.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Rice Cooker

My mother is the most quaint person I know. To this day she does not own an electric rice cooker. My mother is Japanese and in Japan, rice is served with almost every meal. Instead of cooking her rice with the click of a button, my mother rather take the time to cook her rice with a special pot over the stove.

Well my mother has rubbed off on me in many ways and the whole point of this post is that I'm writing it from my blackberry. Up until a few days ago I never owned a phone with a keyboard. I didn't even get a cell phone until the 2000s. I got my first digital camera about six months ago, and it was a gift. I don't know what a Skype is, and I purchased serato about 4 years ago, but am still too scared to use it live because I fear my computer will crash.

Well, I suppose the good news is since I pretty much have a mini computer now and I will be able to do a lot more blogging:)