Friday, December 11, 2009

Some of my Best 'DJ bloopers'

Last night, I found myself remembering some of my major 'slip ups' and 'faux pas' as a DJ. Some of which were completely out of my control, most of which were just me not really knowing what I was doing or I just wasn't paying attention. The following are a few of them, but trust me I have plenty more to come.

A few years ago, I got booked to spin a party for Everlast Boxing Gear. I arrived a little late and went strait to the dj booth. The manager told me I had to put some music on ASAP. The doors had yet to open but a large group of the company's workers were just about finished setting up. I decided to start with Kanye's 'Jesus Walks'. Which was all good except when I looked around and noticed that the majority of the company consisted of Hasidic Jews. Apparently everything including the alcohol was kosher. Hmmm

I use to be a pretty heavy smoker, though I did quit a couple of years ago. One night,(when smoking use to be permitted in clubs) I was smoking a cigarette and the cherry of the cig fell on the record, by the time I realized it, it had burn a hole through the vinyl and the needle was about hit it when I stopped the record, and there was about 20 seconds of dead air, which is an eternity on the dance floor.

It must of been my third or fourth gig (ever). I was spinning at a small lounge in the LES. A couple of my friends came thru, and I reached over the Turntables to exchange some kisses, when one of my boobs knocked the needle to the middle of the last song on the record, there was a nice and loud scratch sound too. Oops!