Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Retrospective of NYC Night Life in the 00s (pt.1)

The (Very) Early 2000s:

As we started the new millennium, the majority of New York City night life clubs and lounges were dressed in velvet ropes, an obnoxious door guy and a bunch of cocky bouncers. For the clubs and lounges that actually 'popped', there would be a line of hopeless patrons waiting to 'get in' as they watched the 'rich' or 'famous' or 'beautiful' people saunter past them and through the velvet rope. Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss were young and extremely successful promoters who have been accredited with 'owning' this particular scene in the early 00s and now ten years later they own the clubs that host these scenes including Marquee, Tao Las Vegas and Avenue.

On the other side of town, hipsters (a few haters) and tastemakers sporting their backpacks, Rawkus T-shirts and fresh new sneakers were travelling high and low to find the spots where cats like Nickodemus were renting for the night. Or they were going to a Live and Direct concert at either Tramps, SOBs or The Knitting factory.
Peter Oasis of Live N Direct would produce concerts with headliners like Black Star, Dead Prez, Non-Phixion, A Tribe Called Quest. Most of these show would be sold out to a bunch of 'real' hip-hop heads consisting of backpackers and NYC prep school kids. Regardless of their following, I do have to say that some of my favorite hip-hop artists did come up in the late 90s and early 00s. I also find Nickodemus to be one of the best DJ/Produces of my time.

What does that make me? hmmm

Well I was somewhere in between all of the above, whether I was sporting a baseball cap with jeans and sneakers or a diamond necklace with stilettos and a dress, I was already on the other side of the turntables rocking parties. The following is my DJ play list between 00-01, yeah I was pretty 'hip-hop heavy':