Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Of My Favorite Music Moments of the '00s'

When Christina Aguilera first came out, I was definitely in my "too cool, for school" faze and I just wrote her off as another tween pop star. I don't even think I listened to any of her music. Years later, I would read and hear about her in the tabloids and at one point I thought she was a total mess. She had died her hair jet black, and was releasing an album called 'dirty'. At the time she looked 'dirty'. One night, I was watching SNL and she was either hosting or a guest but on a whim she decided to sing one of her newest (yet to be released) songs 'Beautiful' a Capella. For the first time I learned that Christina Aguilera can sing her 'ass off' and this particular performance gave me the chills, and that does not happen a lot. I was really moved because anyone who watched it could tell that she was really feeling it, after all the press was talking so much trash about her and her appearance, and this song just seemed to put everyone in their place (including me;).

I searched high and low for the actual footage of her singing and for whatever reason, Youtube is only hosting the audio and not video. She did this performance a Capella and it really did not seemed planned and it's too bad I can't find the whole package, but the audio should speak for itself.