Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Heart Ed Koch

Earlier tonight I djayed a holiday 'shing dig' for a bunch of New York politicians. It was pretty low key in terms of music, and there was a brief moment when the host got on the mic to welcome everyone and wish them a happy holiday. He then asked his old friend (former NYC mayor) Ed Koch to say a few words. Koch, who appears to be in well into his 80s started to speak and it seemed to be a pretty formal speech. A few moments into it, he began telling a story about how a couple of years after his term, he was coming out of a restaurant and some guy approached him and said "Hey Koch, you were a terrible mayor". Koch, then stated how he responded with a thick new yawk Jewish accent, he states how he turned around to the guy and said....."Fawk You!!!!"

and thats how he ended his speech. The crowd of course was laughing hysterically and applauding. I have to say it will definitely go down in one of my most classic New York City moments;)