Saturday, October 31, 2009

Got to love it......

Another busy week has passed and another one is on it's way. Oh Halloween, what a glorious holiday especially in the city. I just DJayed a nice lil private gala at Marquee. I have DJayed a lot of private events at Marquee and usually when I start spinning, I never really know what to expect.

To my pleasant surprise this particular crowd consisted of mainly NYC natives in their early 30s. The process of figuring it out was even more enjoyable. It started with 'Empire State of Mind', of course everyone loves that song but I could read deep into the over all energy and I could sense the camaraderie. (Maybe the Yankee game on the flat screen contributed to it too). The next hint was when I was in midst of my hip-hop/pop set I sensed the dance floor slowing down. Hmm could it be? Could they actually be above the mundane monotony of top 40? If so, it's a very rare occurrence amongst the weekend crowd at Marquee.

I decided to test the crowd with an old biggie track and boom, that woke them up. I went a little deeper with A tribe Called Quest and they were going crazy. It was then that I knew what kind of gig it would be, and it was definaltey one of the good ones. Old school Nas, Jay-Z, Meth and Mary, Pharcyde, and even some Smif and Wesson. Got to love it, my fellow NYC natives getting down to quality music.

Next week, I am spinning an event at Hudson Terrace and I will also be back at Tillman's Live and I am looking forward to both!