Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ab Fab

Now, about that 1989 gala I Djayed for on Saturday night. Just to refresh, I was only permitted to play songs from the year 1989 and 2009. Again this was not a suggestion it was a requirement, also I was limited to these years alone not 89 thru 09, 89 and 09.

Well, initially I was concerned about what kind of party it would be, it was actually a 50th birthday party/ anniversary party for this socialite and his hot shot entertainment biz husband.

The client worked very closely with me as I was putting together the play list, some may have considered him to be super high maintenance, while to me he was just a man that knows what he wants.

Long story short the event was immaculate, from the lighting to the bubbly pink and turquoise decor and of course the sugary pop music it was like stepping into a time capsule. This was a celebrity/industry crowd and the fact that the music was limited to mainly 1989 actually made the evening fresh and to be quite honest...amazing. All the BS pretenses were stripped away as the crowd danced to Milli Vanilli, Paula Abdul and of course Madonna old and new.

I had a great time, especially since I was completely terrified that the music was going to bomb, and it was actually the exact opposite.