Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Style Rocks

As I have been posting the photos of different styles amongst rock stars, I realized that my idea of "style" goes beyond the threads and brands that people wear. Of course these postings were in light of Fashion Week, however I thought I would go further into my concept of style, and shed light onto a series of real class acts that speak louder than fashion.

For example Bono, who puts forth so much effort in taking responsibility for his voice in society. He co-founded product RED, a familiar and even chic brand that helps fund AIDS education in Africa . Product RED is only one of many of his accomplishments as an activist.

He isn't noticeably 'fashionable', he wears the same freaking sunglasses every where he goes, and to be honest I personally don't even like those sunglasses, but between his character, talent and compassion....Bono has more class and style than most of the pop/rock stars out there.