Friday, September 11, 2009

On September 13th 2001

at around 1pm, I received a phone call from one of the owners of Suite 16. At the time Suite 16 was one of, if not the hottest club/lounge in NYC. We exchanged a few 9/11 formalities, which was of course a big part of the NYC social dynamic at the time. Are you OK? Where were you? Did anyone you know get hurt? etc.

He then explained that after being closed for two days, Suite 16 was going to be open that night. Up until the morning of Thursday 9/13, no civilians were permitted below 14th street. (Suite 16 was on 16th street). Of course during such a dismal time, the idea of having a party, just seemed 'wrong'. But as a club owner/promoter business would have to resume eventually. He then asked if I would like to DJ, but I was not the regular Thursday night DJ. He explained that after discussing it with his partners he felt that I would be the best candidate, because and his voice became softer "you have the ability to spin with emotion, which is rare" hmmmm I thought, then with out a further doubt I stated "Sure, I would love to."

I spent hours putting my records together, I had spun on Thursday nights (@Suite 16) before, and it was all about hot hot and new new music. I can do hot hot and new new, but I realize they called me because I can also go much deeper than that.

Nobody showed up until midnight, but eventually a small group of the city's most affluent and elite patrons arrived, with a strong sense of humility and compassion. About an hour later the club was half full, and everyone seemed to know each other, though it is likely most of them didn't or at least they use to pretend that they didn't. They eventually started dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves. Some of the music I played had a much stronger affect on the crowd then other songs, here is the highlights of my play list that night.