Friday, September 11, 2009

MTV and 9/11.

On the days that followed September 11th 2001, I will never forget the videos that MTV rotated. It wasn't until the 13th or 14th that "normal" television resumed in NY. Most of us were glued to the television set watching the incidents unfold. I am sure TV/Radio producers all across the board had never dealt with such an extreme circumstance, especially in NYC.

One video that stuck out to me the most was Fabulous's Holla Back. Of course the song was a hit, but there were a lot of 'hits' that weren't being rotated as much as they were before 9/11. It seemed MTV was avoiding videos that were saturated with 'bling' or violence (for obvious reasons). They were leaning more towards the old-school, neo-soul, Common, Kanye, Kweli type stuff. Fabolous was not an artist that could be squeezed into that category. Perhaps it was the strong NYC theme, and coincidental red,white and blue undertones or maybe it was just the fact that Fabolous first album debuted on 9/11...hmm,