Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's Good?

A Couple of years ago, I was rocking a hot mix when I dropped 'Wanna Be Starting Something'. In midst of the song, a young women requested I play "that Michael Jackson song from the Free Willy soundtrack". I respectfully told her I did not have the song, but in all honestly I laughed it off and I had never even heard of the song. When Free Willy came out, I was too old for kid movies, too young to have kids, and to be frank, I was even too cool for an MJ song released after the 80s.

When Jennifer Hudson performed at MJ's funeral service, I was really moved by her performance, but I was also 'taken back' by this great sounding MJ song that I never heard of, sure enough after some research, I found "that Michael Jackson song from the Free Willy Soundtrack". The truth is, I might of heard it, and wrote it off because it was too..... cheesy? I don't know, but I can't get over how DJs can get so caught up on what's "cool" that we sometimes loose an ear for what's "good"...even with some cheese:)