Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bell Cafe

I am debating whether or not I should head down to Battery Park tonight to check out the Karsh Kale show. I'm a sucker for out door concerts but I can also be a wimp in the rain.

The first time I heard Karsh Kale perform was in the 90s at this tiny, smoky coffee shop/bar called the Bell Cafe, down on Spring Street. This spot was literally a 'hole in the wall' but every Sunday night a group of incredible musicians would sit in the middle of a densley packed crowd and just Jam. Kale was one of many musicians that came through to let loose.

In midst of writing this post I came across a myspace link, those musicians actually formed a band called the "Bell Cafe Band" and released an album. At the time I don't think they were that organized. I use to think that The Bell Cafe must of been what the Village Vanguard was like back in the 60s. Raw, unpolished music performed by some of the greatest musicians of all time.