Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Midnight Snack

About three years ago I started a DJ program at an all male "at risk" youth residential facility. It took a long time for me to earn the respect of these young adults, after all according to them I do not "look like" I know much about hip-hop. (This will probably be a topic I'll address in another post;) But when they realized I do know a few things about music, I created a Hip-Hop Trivia Game. I'd ask easy questions like..."Name Jay-Z's first album?" "Who created Junior Mafia?" "Describe the album cover of Nas's first album". etc. They did know a few things about 'old-school' but the quiz became very painful when I asked them to "Name one member of A Tribe Called?".....they squinted their eyes and snarled their nose and asked..."A Tribe what"?

Oh boy am I really that old?

Well for those who do know, here's a little (recent) treat from the Cadillac Record's Soundtrack

Q-Tip Evolution of a Man