Thursday, May 8, 2014

#Selfie is like the best and worst song ever!

When I first heard the song #selfie, by the Chainsmokers, I was really annoyed. The song had already become a club anthem, and was starting to cross over to top 40. I could just picture a bunch of random people requesting the song, and despite the fact that the beat is pretty sick, the idle banter that accompanies the beat is really irritating. I didn't want to listen to it several times a week, but I eventually succumbed and added the song to my DJ sets. The more I listened to it, I actually started to appreciate the song's satirical message, and now I have concluded that #selfie is actually quite brilliant (but it still annoys me). 

The lyrical content of the song is narrated in first person, by a girl (Alexis Killacam), as she is out at a nightclub with her friends. She starts by obnoxiously rejecting everything from the DJ's selection, to the outfits the other girls are wearing, and instead of having fun, she spends the entire time on her phone, obsessing over her selfies (definition of selfie).  

"I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes, do you think I should take it down?" 

We live in an era, where the "selfie", an act of pure narcissism has become a standard form of communication. This self obsessed phenomenon, has also led us to pure insecurity, as we desperately seek the approval of others, by counting the "likes" and "comments" from a pool of people that we don't even give a sh-- about. 

"oh my god, Jason just text me, should I go home with him? I guess I took a good selfie". Jason, the narrator's romantic interest,  rejects the narrator in the beginning of the song. They engage in a lover's tug of war, and in the end she wins. She lured him in by taking a good selfie, which Jason 'liked' in the second verse. FYI Jason is in the same room, that she is in, for the entire song. 

(As previously stated,) I think  #selfie is really annoying to listen to, but I can't ignore it's painfully honest perspective of the way we (meaning people) live and interact today.  The song is a parody in every sense of the word, but it does reflect the disturbing truth about the impact that social media has had (and is having) on our real social experiences. Hopefully The Chainsmoker's #selfie, will make us think twice before texting, posting, and checking in on our likers, adders and followers, while we are out and supposed to be enjoying the moment with our actual friends. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mixing With Armin Van Buuren

Last night I was given the opportunity to DJ with Armin Van Buuren at Skyroom.

Truth be told, I really underestimated this gig. There was a huge crowd of people with cameras, hounding the DJ booth, and I was terrified. I'm an open format DJ, that specializes in hip-hop, and though I do appreciate techno, trance, etc, it's pretty scary to spin with someone who is really famous for spinning Trance. Not to mention that, Armin is headlining at Madison Square Garden tomorrow. WTF did I get myself into?

The following is a video of me mixing into his set, and though it's hard to tell, I am actually mixing for the majority of this clip, (about 45 secs), and he was playing with the effects. My heart was pounding out of my chest. matter how nervous I was, it was a really awesome opportunity. (unfortunately the audio in this clip is distorted) 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Mix

I know it has been a while since I have written anything, but here is my latest DJ mix. It's a little rough around the edges.

(recorded live and with love (as always))

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Mix

A lot of snow, a lot of reasons to stay in, open a bottle of wine, order take-out, watch netflixs, and/or stay under the covers..... xoxoxo

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oh Lorde!

I know I'm a little late to this party, but I'm usually so caught up on building dance floors that I sometimes let a few things fall under my radar.  I really don't know how I could have missed something as special as Lorde. This 17 year old from New Zealand is a very deep and fresh breath of air, and she is filling a (major) void in today's world of female pop stars.

Lorde just shuts it down, and makes me wonder how will Miley, Katy and Kesha even compete with something and someone so real? Even Gaga can't measure up to this girl's simple brilliance. Lorde isn't trying to sport all the crazy outfits, gimmicks, and hoopla that these other stars impose on us. She's just being herself, and that is more than enough.   I don't care how slow the song "Royals" is, I will be rockin' it in the clubs, if anything I should have been rockin' it when the single first dropped two months ago! For the first time (in a long time), we have an artist that is delivering the perfect marriage of accessible, sonic-beauty with strong, responsible, and intelligent-lyricism. Plus...there is something so familiar AND different about her sound. I love this girl!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kanye West Has My Heart (and this is why)

A lot of people don't like Kanye West, and I have been wanting to write about his 'unpopularity' for a long time. Of course his over all record sales would indicate that he isn't exactly 'unpopular', but there seems to be this general consensus that Kanye West is a narcissistic 'jack-ass'.  

I often feel that when people say they don't like Kanye West, they are confusing their thoughts about his ego, with their opinion of his work as an MC and producer. This is an artist that has a very vast, and dignified catalog of work that extends way beyond his career as an MC. I have always believed that Kanye West is a great artist,  I just never felt compelled to write about it until I saw his show at Barclay's on Wednesday night. 

In this day an age, fans have a lot of access to their favorite celebrity's personal thoughts and lives. When it comes to an artist that is as unfiltered and outspoken as Kanye West, we seem to experience more of his intense personality, instead of his music.  Maybe Kanye is a crazy egomaniac,  but how and why should his overwhelming personality negate the integrity of his work? In my opinion, 'Yeezus' is one of the best albums to be released in 2013, and anyone that has taken the time to really listen to the album would probably agree that Kanye was not trying to make a "hit record", he (with the help of Rick Rubin) created a strong, honest, controversial and expressive work of art.  Kanye West is an artist, in the truest sense of the word. He is passionate, emotional, obsessive, self absorbed, conflicted and all different types of fucked up. But, would people start liking him more if he didn't reveal his true nature? Now that we have all of these social media platforms, I'm starting to think that 'rockstars' are being encouraged to withhold themselves and behave more like politicians. I sometimes wonder,  if it was MY generation that destroyed the raw and iconic "rock star", in favor of the well mannered, groomed and polished "pop star"?  Imagine if artists like Kurt Cobain, James Brown or Jerry Lee Lewis (to name a few) showcased their personal thoughts and lives on twitter, instagram, FB etc. Would we still love them for their incredible work as artists, or would we judge them for their  erratic, anguished, abusive and disturbing personalities and lifestyles? 

The bottom line is, I really don't care if (or that) Kanye West is a total douche bag.

I don't care that Kanye was mean to some girl at the VMAs. I don't care if he is or isn't  a good baby daddy. I don't care about the fact that he brags about his accomplishments. I don't care that he goes off on his crazy rants. What I DO care about is how I remember exactly where I was in 2002 when I first heard Talib Kweli's 'Get By'. I remember every detail of the experience because I had never heard ANYTHING like it.  I care about how I use to make sure that I played 'Jesus Walks' in it's entirety (before it blew up).  The song has a really slow start but it also has such an intense build up, and there would be no point in playing it at all if people didn't experience it's crazy climatic bridge. I care about the "ohhs" I hear when I occasionally drop 'Bonnie and Clyde'. I care that after 10 years,  Kanye West can still blow me away with a sick track like 'Black Skinheads'. I care about the fact that he used the MPC 2000xl as a live instrument in the performance of one of his songs, and then went on a rant about the significance of the MPC 2000. I care about the fact that out of all the up and coming wannabes, Kanye asked A TRIBE CALLED QUEST to open for him at the Barclay center, and then went out of his way to express his love for the group.

The show on Wednesday, was not the first time I have attended a Kanye West concert, but it was by far the best performance of his that I have ever seen. It was theatrical and dramatic, and the crowd was also treated to one of his famous rants. I suppose this is my way of expressing that I do deeply appreciate Kanye West, and I am always finding myself defending this admiration. From now I suppose, I'll just refer people to this blog post;)